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Maintain and make new upgrades to "Bona Dog Park, Sans Souci".

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All the local residents who regularly go to "Bona Dog Park" in Sans Souci have been dealing with an ongoing problem for the past year with the Bayside council.

They are careless about all the public who attend the park. Shouldn't the council be promoting people to go out and have fun with their families and their beloved pooches? Well they are certainly doing the opposite!

There are only 2 benches at the dog park, which means 2 people can sit on each bench. They are situated in a patch of mud on either side of the park and are usually in the bright blazing sun, which means no one wants to sit on them. So us residents decided to start bringing our own plastic chairs to sit on where we can move around the park to avoid the sun and all sit together and bond and have fun.

Today (29/03/17) we arrived to the park to realised that all 13 of the plastic chairs were GONE. As anyone else would be, we were all infuriated with this situation and decided to call the council. They were very rude and abrupt on the phone and wouldn't help us solve this problem and kept interrupting what we were trying to say on the phone to them making us feel worthless of ourselves.

We are used to the council being careless as every time they mowed the grass something would be damaged with their machinery - either chairs, the gates etc.

Us residents pay our council rates to see you damage the machinery WE pay for you to operate. It's great to see our money is getting to good use to damage your machinery.

Moreover, there are many other factors at the park that need to be taken care of like the grass getting mowed more regularly, refill the dog poo bag dispensers, empty the rubbish bins completely.

Its a shame to see the council negligent about something a lot of locals care about and that has to change!

 04/05/17 - Update

Today a member of our dog park went down there to witness the council workers who mow the grass, knock over our chairs with their machinery. We have actual footage of this happening.

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