Clean Up Brighton Le Sands!

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Brighton Le Sands is fraught with rubbish and cigarette butts. It is now at the point of disgusting. We need to make a stand and ask that the government ban smoking on the beach and beach path. More Ranger patrols and on the spot fines for offenders need to happen to ensure that this blatant disrespect for the environment stops.

This is a beautiful place and we need to keep it that way! The revenue generated would be massive, because people simply cannot help themselves and are not responsible enough to do the right thing.

I went to the beach on Christmas morning for a swim and witnessed a man throwing his rubbish on the floor and flicking his cigarette next to the bin. When I confronted the man he spat on the floor and swore at me. There were two young children in the shower who heard the whole thing.

I know if the government takes a hardline and starts to fine people then they will have to stop.

Please sign this petition and hopefully they will listen.