Return to original class listings of Fall 2020 at Baylor University

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As a rising senior at Baylor University and after a disastrous Spring 2020 semester, like many of my fellow students, I was fully expecting to return to campus in the Fall 2020 semester in hopes of reaping the benefits of my last couple of semesters. Now, the choice of going to class to have the full experience of being a student, the quality of an in-person education has been ripped from me, the future employment opportunities have been tarnished. Online classes, personally, are not as focused or driven towards the personal learning type that Baylor was infamous for, and I experienced a noticeable shift in my education. As an upperclassman, I do not have the luxury to simply switch sections, as I fear a lot of my fellow classmates cannot do, especially since in-person classes will now be in high demand. I feel that classes should return to in-person and the online sections should be made available for the students that wish to isolate, instead of not providing students with the choice. As a member of the student body, I am asking for help in making our disappointment and sadness over this situation known to the Baylor faculty and hope that our classes may resume as they were originally planned. A signature on this petition is a place where your voice is heard and your desire for a choice is not taken for granted.