Stop cutting down trees in the breeding seasons to help the Lesser Spotted Eagles breed.

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This petitions goal is to help save the Lesser Spotted Eagles in Bavaria. These eagles are in the red list of Germany's endangered species, as well as on the red list category 1 in Bavaria. One of the reasons why they are heavily endangered is because they have trouble breeding. The petition is supposed to stop forestry and hunting in the breeding season of the birds and specifically nearby their habitats. 

There are only 100-120 breeding pairs left in Germany! Not only do these birds already have low breeding and reproduction rates but the disturbances of forestry and hunting are an additional obstruction to their breeding patters. It stops them from reproducing as they are very sensitive birds and get immensely disturbed from it. If nothing is done, they will not breed anymore and will soon become extinct. 

The Bayerische Landtag should create rulings to protect the Lesser Spotted Eagles and keep them from disappearing.