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Bayer: please help my daughter and Australian and New Zealand women with endometriosis - we want access to Visanne

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For over ten years, my daughter has endured unpredictable and debilitating pain. In 2012, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis. So began an endless round of visits to doctors, specialists, pain psychologists, pharmacies, physios, and natural therapists.  Imagine my anger and dismay when I discovered that Bayer is refusing her and thousands of women just like her access to potential relief.

Syl has had two surgeries in less than two years. Each time she’s taken months to recover, and yet she's getting worse. I'm watching in horror at what's happening to my beautiful girl. She lives with pain and fatigue.

Astonishingly, 1 in 10 women have this chronic, incurable and wretched disease that often results in infertility. Endometriosis is more common than asthma and diabetes. 

Many of the half a million women with Endo are forced to abandon their studies, their jobs and their holidays - landing them on the couch or in emergency. My daughter is managing uni part-time but is finding it impossible to commit to a job so she can support herself. As a nation Endo costs us about $10 billion a year: for doctors, drugs, hospital, natural remedies and lost hours of work.

What’s most painful is knowing there's a drug that might help my daughter. It was even approved by the TGA in 2010 – yet Bayer won't bring it to Australia or NZ. 

Visanne is a medication developed especially for Endometriosis. In Europe, Canada, Brazil, Japan and South Africa women can be prescribed Visanne to reduce pelvic pain and inflammation. But Bayer don’t believe there’s enough demand to make it worthwhile importing.

This medication may not work for everyone but women with Endo have the right to access other treatments and deserve the chance to try it. 

My daughter and I met Dr Jan Twomey, Medical Director at Bayer, and she says that if we want a choice of medication we should demonstrate a need. 

Please help us by signing our petition asking Bayer to bring Visanne to Australia and NZ to help women in chronic pain like my daughter. 

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