Follow Ida Maria Cahoon's last will and testament!

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Please tell the Bay Village Mayor and City Council NOT to move the Cuyahoga County Public Library branch to Cahoon Park!

In 1917, at age 65, Ida Maria Cahoon bequeathed land to establish a Cahoon Memorial Park in Bay Village. She was a descendant of the Cahoon family--the first settlers of Bay Village. She named the Mayor and Council as trustees of the Cahoon Memorial Park.

One hundred years ago, when Ms. Cahoon wrote her will, there was no public library system. She wanted her COMMUNITY to have a library, so she asked that Cahoon Park be used for that purpose, AND IT WAS. A library was established in Cahooh Park, fulfilling her wishes. Later the Cuyahoga County Public Library system was established and in 1981 a branch was built in Bay Village; the branch was renovated in 1997.

Ms. Cahoon's will lists in meticulous detail whom she wanted to leave her money and land to, and under what conditions. (You can read the entire will here ) Her concern for others is quite touching. Please read it and interpret section 25, about the library, it as if you wrote it.)


Ida had a clubfoot and “droopy eye”; no doubt her life was difficult because of these conditions. Yet she thought of others and was generous to her family and her community.

Ms. Cahoon's wish that her community have a library was fulfilled long ago. Is it moral or legal to twist her words and use her family's land to build a second library on the property? 

Ida Maria Cahoon is not here to defend her wishes. I hope you will speak up on her behalf.

Ms. Cahoon wanted the land to be used for recreation. Destroying part of the greenspace in Bay Village goes against the city's stated goals of sustainability and beauty. If a new library is needed (metrics, population, current building size, increasing use of digital resources, etc. DO NOT support a new building) don't build it in Cahoon Park and not so close to Lake Erie. 

Does Bay Village have special responsibility to safeguard Lake Erie, the largest freshwater body on the planet?

Please ask the Mayor and City Council to find another site to build a new library. Signing this petition will send the message that you don't want a new library to be build in Cahoon Park.


PLEASE NOTE: The link to the will may not open on a mobile device, but will open on a computer.

Photo is of Ida Maria Cahoon and her sisters. Ida is 2nd from the right.


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