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Bay Area Has Highest Roadkill In All of CA. Build Barriers To Protect The Wildlife!

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Did you know that more driving accidents involve hitting wildlife than other vehicles in the Bay Area? The Bay Area has one of the highest roadkill rates in all of California. With the increase of construction all across the bay, animals are kicked out of their homes and forced into streets and highways where they meet their untimely death.
The Bay Area is know for the preservation of land and abundance of national parks like Muir Woods, Point Reyes, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, etc, so why haven't we done anything about the creatures that live in them? Building barriers around roads and highways to protect wildlife would not only save thousands to millions of animals but it will also save people's lives. Road accidents are dangerous, many killing or hurting the people involved. According to SFGate in 2016 "California spent $276 million on vehicle damage, emergency response, injuries and insurance associated with animal collisions."
Help end the endless amount of wildlife killed in the Bay Area by supporting the construction of barriers along roads and highways. Not only will this save animals, and humans, but it will also save money by helping cut the $276 million dollars spent in emergency response due to animal collisions. Sign Now!


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