Dutch, UN sanctions against ICE/Trump Concentration Camps

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It is 26 February 1942, again. The Trump Concentration Camps, currently under ICE management and largely shut off from media, are under the jurisdiction of ICE (who can starve people to death, but can’t commit genocide with the world watching). Trump is converting his camps from ICE jurisdiction to that of the Department of Defence, where they will effectively become military sites. This means that, once converted, the camps will be closed airspace (no drones), no surveillance, no press, no Red Cross, and ... under the jurisdiction of the DoD with no oversight. The outside world will be rendered blind as to what goes on in the Trump camps. This is how systematic institutionalised genocide is committed. This is not war. These aren’t bombs, or tanks, or guns, or soldiers on foreign soil because those draw attention, (though Trump’s erratic threats are handy distractions to keep us from asking about the camps). The systematic killing of large groups of people requires the rest of the world to be (wilfully) ignorant, blinded, or apathetic. The ‘solution to the immigrant problem’ proposed by Trump, is to quietly put the bombs, trucks, tanks, guns and soldiers in charge of the camps. Himmler made a similar suggestion.

Clearly, the attempt to hand jurisdiction over to the Department of Defence has far-reaching consequences and possibilities, including genocide and a new fascist regime. 

It is absolutely vital that the Dutch government, EU and UN act fast and send strong messages that:

- these concentration camps can not be converted into military sites

- these concentration camps must be dismantled

- the people in these camps must be rescued and liberated

- press must be given immediate and free access to said Trump camps  

- immediate addressing of conditions in the Trump camps, including but not limited to: starvation, detention in dog-cages, abuse, exposure to the elements, torture, denying and stripping of clothes

- international Red Cross must be given immediate access

- UN inspectors must be given immediate access to these camps to investigate human rights violations

If we do not want to be collaborators to genocide, we must stand up and show that human rights violations will be taken seriously, even if committed while White and American. 

Human beings are stripped naked, shoved into dog cages in the blistering heat, kept there until they are too weak to move, or conveniently die. Who survives is put in something called “The Freezer”. People wet with sweat are forced in there, sleeping on the cold floor, sometimes held for weeks, I would not survive that. Would you?

This is genocide. They are just using the elements and exposure instead of Zyklon B. Our continued inaction, is immoral and makes us complicit in these crimes against humanity. 

All of that is happening under the jurisdiction of ICE. What do you think the Trump camps will look like under the Department of Defense?

I do not need to see those 1945 black and white Auschwitz II pictures in full technicolour to know what it will look like. Again.

Stand up now, your silence is their death.

Who watches the Watchers, if not us?