Help get justice for this chihuahua!!

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The attorneys office said to call the FBI:

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Please help get this chihuahua justice!! He was beat to death with a baseball bat for going onto a monsters property and barking at the owner so the property owner decided the 7 pound chihuahua was trying to harm him so he beat him to death with a bat and threw him in the trash. Chad Teal of Acworth Georgia needs to pay for what he did to that dog!! Animal abuse is a felony now and the way he beat this dog is definitely animal abuse!! There were a number of ways this could of been handled but a baseball bat isn’t one of them!! If he is so quick to do this to a 7 pound dog, then imaging what we would do if a human made him mad!! He needs to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty ASAP! This baby didn’t deserve the tortuous death he endured because of this psychopath!! Please everyone shared this and let’s let Bartow County Georgia justice system know that we aren’t gonna stand by and allow abuse like that to happen in our county to our animals!! 
This is the exact message he sent me: The dog had no leash or tags. Ran the dog off more than once. It tried biting me each time for no reason. I have a fenced in yard and front porch. The dog got through my fence and onto my porch where it tried to bite me again. I got it off the porch and put a piece of board in front of the porch gate to block it off. The dog got through it again and when I went out to get it off again, it tried biting me again. What would you have done? I called the police myself afterwards but call if that’s what you feel you need to do.