Feed Australian wildlife in the Windsor Downs Nature Reserve!

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Australia is facing hardship at the moment with severe fire conditions and drought. Australian wildlife is suffering from starvation and dehydration and we need to step up and take responsibility. 

The Windsor Downs Nature Reserve, once booming with wildlife is dry and lacks food and water. These beautiful animals (kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas etc) are now venturing out frequently into the surrounding suburbs of Bligh Park, South Windsor, Windsor etc. in search of food and water. This not only endangers them, but also the drivers on the road, children, and domestic animals.

The condition of the wildlife is devastating as they are dehydrated and starved. Kangaroos are frequently sighted slowly walking in a state of skin and bones and we can't stand by and do nothing! Other areas of the country are experiencing more severe conditions where astounding numbers of wildlife are losing lives and habitat. Here we can aid their suffering until new vegetation grows and they can survive on their own again in the nature reserve.

What can we do?

We propose the installation of 4x water troughs on the outskirts of the reserve so they have access to clean water.

We also propose weekly drops of food (pellets, hay, vegetables) until conditions improve and the nature reserve regenerates.