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Hands off our IRN BRU. Please dont change the recipe by cutting sugar for sweeteners.

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Barrs have announced that from january 2018 they intend to cut 50% of sugar from IRN BRU in favour of sweetener Aspartame.
 I understand that soft drink manufacturers are coming under mounting pressure from government to lower the sugar content of their drinks and that they intend on introducing a "sugar tax" that would apply to the sales of sugary drinks similair to the way cigarettes and alcohol are taxed. I would far rather pay more for a bottle than have an altered recipe version.
 Although we are being made more aware of the health effects of too much sugar in our diet it also has to be said that Aspartame has often been the subject of studies and intense debate and is believed, by some researchers and activists, to have links to a multitude of ailments including cancer,seizures,headaches,depression, ADHD,weight gain and birth defects.
 I believe that a responsible adult should have the choice as to what poisons they want to put in their body and i think that IRN BRU  should continue to sell its original full sugar recipe even if that is at a price increase, or risk sales plummeting like they have with lucozade since they cut sugar.
 IRN BRU is such a distinct flavour no other brand who try immitate it get it right, and if barrs follow suit of the likes of lucozade, Dr Pepper, Sprite etc I think its iconic flavour will be affected.  It is a national treasure in Scotland and really is part of our culture with its unique taste, branding and marketing. Its also well known to alleviate the effects of a hangover and is many a persons craving, saviour or  go to drink after a night on the tiles I think to deny people in that condition their crutch would be a crime. 
Don't do it Barrs please have a rethink on this. HANDS OFF OUR BRU!.

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