To have Traffic lights put on a dangerous junction in Hickleton red hill Doncaster

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I am positive i speak for everyone that the junction on Barnsley Road Hickleton red hill Doncaster needs traffic lights, this road is extremely dangerous and has resulted in fatalities and to ensure the safety of the public using this road and junction to stop any further accidents in the future that could result in serious injury or loss of life it is extremely essential to have Traffic lighting put on that road we understand that it may be costly but how much is a life worth and how many fatal accidents can be stopped with traffic lights. I have seen many people speak up about the dangers of the road and how many near misses drivers have had and how long the public have wanted traffic lights on that road to ensure the safety of the public driving on that road, it is with a heavy heart that this petition comes from losing a family member on this road and while it will not bring them back or fill any loss the family have suffered it may bring some peace that this kind of accident has more chance of being stopped in the future.