Help preserve the heritage of Barnardsville Elementary School.

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Barnardsville Elementary School was founded in 1928 in the small town of Barnardsville, NC. With a community population of 1,776, the school is the educational backbone to just over 150 children. Many of which are third or fourth generations of this schools teachings. Within the walls of this small town school is a history too large for a single person to tell. Heritage runs deep in the waters of this community and has been preserved within the Elementary school as well. That is until the 2015-2016 school year. Over the course of the school year many historical components of the school have been completely removed or changed. A great hawk flew for almost 20 years within the entry way of the building. Suddenly it was gone. Artwork was once borrowed from children to decorate the walls of the school. This artwork was framed and would be returned to the student upon their graduation. Many families were eager to see if their childs work would make the cut for that year! But this year the artwork was returned to the students early and that tradition no longer lives at Barnardsville Elementary. The green that has been the color of the school for over 20 years was recently replaced. There was a wagon canopy, that represented the schools name, that accented the food bar in the cafeteria. It was taken down and replaced with less than mediocre decor.At the beginning of the year chaos reigned the classrooms and hallways as the students were confused about having to go to the gym before classes started. So much so that parents were complaining and felt obligated to enter the school with their children in the morning. Upon parents concern many staff members stated that they voiced their opinion about this only to be overridden. Parents were told that the exercise was to "instill a sense of community among the children." Confusion was felt by the parents because in a community like Barnardsville everyone knows everyone; there is already a sense of community. Many families in the school fear that we are being overran with "big school politics." When in reality that is not what this small town school needs. In a world that is forever changing and changing fast, the families of Barnardsville often find comfort that our little community is still holding onto the heritage that has become our grounding. As Margaret O'Hara once stated "My heritage has become my grounding and it has brought me peace." But families at Barnardsville Elementary are now unsettled because the traditions, history, and heritage that once filled the atmosphere is slowly but surely been taken away. Whether you are a Barnardsville native, a current family of the school, or if you just believe in preserving the heritage of so many generations, please join us with your signature. Help us give our children the opportunity to learn and cherish where they came from and keeping their sense of belonging to this great community. Please help keep us away from the cookie cutter before it's too late! " Heritage is scripture...which have become absorbed into our blood." - Sholem Asch.

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