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Stop the spread of the white spot in our Australian waters!!!

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We need equality on the import of raw prawns and crustaceans into Australia from white spot infected countries.  Raw product coming in needs to be cooked as this is the only way to ensure it is virus free.

Since March 2017 uncooked prawns, crabs and bloodworms are no longer able to be sent out of a movement control area in Moreton Bay due to an outbreak of white spot.  Until the area has been white spot free for two years all product must be cooked to stop the white spot spreading.  Numerous businesses have been destroyed because of white spot.  Local live bait suppliers, crabbers and prawners have lost their livelihoods.  We have lost our livelihood, don't let this happen to others.

A temporary suspension was also put in place on raw prawn and crustacean imports from white spot infected countries.  This suspension was created as it is possible that the initial outbreak came from imported raw prawns being used as bait in our waterways.  This suspension ceases on 6 July.  Raw prawns will be allowed back into Australia from white spot infected countries.  The Federal Government's plan is to educate the people not to use these products for bait.  But it only takes one person to use an imported uncooked prawn that may carry the infection as bait for this to happen again.  Moreton Bay in Queensland has it, don't let it spread.  

We do not need to see our entire waterways destroyed by white spot and thousands of more businesses destroyed.  SIGN this petition to have restrictions set on raw imports.  They need to be cooked if coming from a white spot infected country or the country needs to be white spot free for two years.   If these are the restrictions for our Australian citizens then foreign imports should have the same.


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