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Barnaby Joyce, save the Blind Bight dogs before its too late

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The situation for the Blind Bight dogs gets more dire as each day passes. If you are not across what is happening, please follow this link, or this one, or this one to learn more.

As court cases get deferred and surrender notices get pushed back, these poor dogs are still stuck in the freezing cold, with inadequate shelter and sub-standard provisions. Not to mention being apparently 'cared' for by a gun wielding maniac.

There are existing laws in place that can allow the RSPCA to take these animals, we just need Barnaby to make a stand. Don't neglect these poor dogs Barnaby - empower the RSPCA to march in there and seize them NOW!

These dogs are in desperate need of rehabilitation and we need to give them a chance of finding their forever home. So stand with me, sign the petition - lets send a strong message to Canberra that lives of all animals matter.

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