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Change Australian Legislation to Adequately Punish Animal Cruelty Offenders

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The first thing the police look for in a criminal case is motive. What kind of motive would a person have to harm an innocent creature? Why did they do it? Consider this. The only motive behind their actions is to satisfy a twisted and inhumane urge. If this urge exists within a person - 1. They need help, and 2. They should be recognised as predators within society. 

How much community outcry do people in power need to make a change? Millions have signed petitions against animal cruelty - the government needs to listen to our voices and change legislation to adequately punish people who hurt animals to satisfy their sick pleasures. It is disgusting that more has not been done about this. 

The current punishments in place are typically a fine and community service/good behaviour. This does NOT suffice. There is a direct correlation between animal cruelty and psychopathic tendencies - the people who carry out vicious acts of animal cruelty with no motive, other than to satisfy the sick urges within them - are the people likely to eventually get bored and start hurting people. This is proven. Serial killers begin by torturing animals. These people need psychiatric treatment and severe punishment as a deterrent. 

I am proposing 2 years imprisonment in a psychiatric facility as minimum punishment, that their name go on a public offenders list, ban the offender from owning or caring for a pet, and that they are made to pay a minimum $20,000 fine - This is provided they are found guilty beyond reasonable doubt of committing needless torture towards an animal.

I refer to the following cases for example -


"10 Animal abusers who practically 'got away with it' in 2016"


The money that we make in excess from these fines should go into sustainable farming and fishing industries, and other animal welfare projects. (Since the economy and money making seems to be the reason this is not changing faster.) Raise revenue in a justified way!! Everyone is annoyed at clear revenue raising schemes we are not ignorant to them - raising it through justified means such as this would earn your respect from the people.  

Please sign this petition! And Barnaby Joyce - you are supposed to be representing us, the needs, wishes and concerns of society!! We do NOT want these people among us. They are dangerous and mentally ill. Anyone who could deliberately hurt an innocent creature, see and hear its pain, and not only not care but feel pleasure from this - they are clearly dangerous sociopaths in desperate need of psychiatric help!! Something must be done. 

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