Secure a better life for the Elephants and Rhino at Barcelona Zoo!!

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On a trip to Barcelona I decided to take a look round the Zoo which is in the centre of the city.

I don’t normally attend Zoos or places where animals are kept in enclosures or used for entertainment. For some reason, I went. Maybe for boredom or maybe just because I wanted to see a Meerkat.. in a way I’m not glad I went, but for another part I really am.

• Folks, when I tell you I almost started to ball up upon arrival of the Elephants and Rhino enclosure, I mean it.

• The Elephants (maybe 3 or 4 of them) are kept in a very small space. They can barely walk lengths and one was so desperate for water it was trying to reach his trunk through the enclosure into a dirty pool of water for a chance at a drink.

• And then the Rhino.. on his own in an enclosure (well, cage) the same size as your average back garden. They are huge mammals just as well as the elephants and need space to roam free. The Rhino clearly looked sick and was laying in his own excrement.


These animals need a better life and a transfer to somewhere we know they would be kept in much better circumstances.


Please help me and sign this petition to get these beautiful animals a better life away from Barcelona Zoo!