Stop banning people who don’t use autoclickers and fix the system

Stop banning people who don’t use autoclickers and fix the system

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chibi pepples started this petition to Barbie and

Recently, more and more people have been getting banned because your system thinks they’re using autoclickers. The thing is, they aren’t. The game is often laggy and glitches when the bubble mini game is playing, so people can’t pop the last bubble or continue after they have popped them all. Sometimes they pop them too fast. Sometimes they have to leave for a minute or two. Then they are banned.

This way of trying to get rid of AFK farmers has caused innocent people to get banned in the crossfire. Just look online on the Royale high subreddit and you will see the damage.


Here are some players talking about their personal experience with the system and the problems it causes:


And here are some quotes from other players when asked about what they think:

Delightful_Churro says, “In most games, auto clickers are a bannable offense. However, it’s evened out by the fact that money is easily obtainable and can be made fast (like in bloxburg, where if you’re a high enough level you can get lots of money fast). People can enjoy the game without spending a dime. In Royale High’s situation, diamonds are hard to earn and the cost of items are extremely inflated. This is the case for sunset. It would take hours upon hours of active grinding just to make 10k, since you get 200 diamonds per 15 minutes of playtime minimum. In theory, you can make a minimum of 800 diamonds in 1 hour if you don’t win. The process is slow and the cost of items keep skyrocketing (sets cost 120k+ and reworks have being raising the price of items severely). Therefore, the only way to even afford these items was to grind for hours or buy the gamepasses for multipliers. Therefore removing the only way to obtain a solid income is dumb and makes the developers seem greedy until they implement a better money system.”

FlutterRose26 says, “Farming was my only source of decent income (I don't have multipliers) and I don't know how else I can keep up with all the new items and limited sets. I play royale to make cute outfits and characters. If I can't afford them, there's not a lot of reason for me to play anymore, which I'd a shame because I love this game to bits and want to continue enjoying it.”


Here are some anonymous comments from posts about the topic:

“... I have an autoclicker, I used to use it, but now I don't. So if i get banned then, that’s just messed up.”

”... People are getting banned for no reason.”

”...We're mad because people, including me, who have never had an auto clicker installed in their computer get banned. What I think happened for me to get temporarily banned a week or so ago (I'm good now thankfully) is because I was playing sunset island rightfully and my dad called us for dinner. I ran down but didn't leave the game. It took me too long to get the bubbles and I was accused as an auto clicker. This is UNFAIR they need to get rid of the rule or make it non-bannable.”

”Bloxburg solution was to make the mini jobs different so it cannot be detected by auto clickers. Royale high? Just ban everyone who did/didnt click the bubbles.”

“... One of my friends got banned for not being able to tap a bubble on MOBILE (it also said she had auto clicker on).”

”My friend got banned for month. Why? Because she went to the bathroom during the 10 min pagent contest.”

“They should take it off to be honest. I was trying to get the bubble twice and it just ended up freezing. I couldn't click anything so i had to quit the game. This happened two times consecutively.”

*Refering to the bubble getting stuck and freezing* “...I have to end the game, and every time it happens, I'm afraid I'll come back to the disconnect notice.“

*Refering to the bubble getting stuck and freezing* ”Imagine banning people over a bug you have not fixed! I guess I should restart the game immediately. When I get the bug again, I won't even bother trying to pop it.”

”Did autoclickers hurt anybody? No. Did scamming, faking mental illness, bullying, and toxic attitudes hurt anybody? Yes.”


As you can see, the player base dosen’t agree with the current way of handling things for autoclickers. Here are some of the following things that can/should be done to fix the issues:

-It will not be possible to be banned for being too fast or slow while the bubble mini game is active. (This is a must)

-Unban anyone who was falsely accused. (This is a must)


-Make sure the mini game only appears on sunset island.

-Only give a light punishment for not popping the bubbles in time. (Ex. Signing players out of the pageant, then telling them they have been signed out after they pop the bubbles)

-Find other ways to stop auto clickers if they pop the bubbles too fast. (Ex. Answering a question with 4 answers, 1 correct/3 incorrect and if they fail, they are signed out of the pageant/ if they win, give them extra diamonds)(Make the player type out the answer to the question)


-Give up on the bubble mini game all together and remove it from the game.


 To help out, please send this to your friends or anyone who will support the cause. The more that sign, the more we will be listened to!

One of the best things you can to is to make sure Barbie and the devs see this! If they don’t, then there wouldn’t be any point in making it. Please, tweet at her or chat on her streams about the petition!

Thank you so much for the support! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!