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"The View" -- Invite nurses to explain how they save lives with "doctor's stethoscopes"

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On September 14, 2015, hosts from "The View" attacked Miss Colorado, RN Kelley Johnson, who gave a monologue about the value of nursing in the Miss America pageant. The monologue certainly could have given more specifics as to how nurses save lives, but we appreciate her attempts to highlight the value of nursing. (See Kelley Johnson's monologue.) In the middle of The View's take down of nurse Johnson, host Joy Behar asked indignantly: "Why is she wearing a doctor's stethoscope around her neck?" (See The View's film clip.) Ms. Behar apparently has never had a nurse listen to her chest for cardiac defects or electrical irregularities, or for a signs of congestive heart failure, subcutaneous emphysema or pneumothorax. Nor apparently has a nurse ever taken her vital signs with a stethoscope. Basically Ms. Behar was asking how Ms. Colorado had the effrontery to be doing physician work, because she does not know nurses do anything technical, important or life-saving. Ms. Behar and The View owe nurses a big apology and should make amends by inviting nurses on the show to explain exactly how nurses save lives with those "doctor's stethoscopes."


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