Barbados Sex Offender's Registry

Barbados Sex Offender's Registry

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Started by The Chase Files


In order to keep the children and our community safe, it is imperative that we implement a Sex Offender’s Registry in Barbados.

For too long we have heard excuse after excuse abour why our country is too small to have a Sex Offender’s Registry. Yet children are targeted by pedophiles, women are sexually harrassed, assaulted or raped while perpetrators remain on the loose. 

Although credit must be given to the government for increasing the number of magistrates to expedite criminate cases the system is too slow. Victims often fear for their lives while losing faith in the judicial system which takes years for cases to be tried. I am aware that the judicial system in Barbados has been impacted by the covid19 pandemic but explain to me why crimes which took place way before the pandemic take almost a decade to be heard?

Childhood Victims of sexual assault carry those scars for life. Many of them never got any Justice. 

Many people argue that not all sexual offenses are the same. The diversity in severity of a sexual offense is great, which is why this petition calls for action against only persons with Child-Based Offenses to prevent any confusion. 

There also must be greater accountability among our citizens when it comes to reporting sexual offences which involve minors. If you are are aware of any incidents you have a duty of care to report them to the Barbados Police Force so that the matter can be investigated and the victim can be protected at all cost. It is also important to know that If you are a parent or guardian entrusted with the care of a child and you turn a blind eye to any abuse sexual or physical that you also should be prosecuted. 

I am sure that there will be advocates who will argue that in a society like Barbados any person labeled a sex offender may find it difficult to live peacefully but they must live with the potential consequences of their illegal & immoral acts against children, women or men in society. This is where reform & rehabilitation policies for sex offenders are important. 

Citizens should be able to check a sex offenders registry if they have concerns. This database would provide information re criminal convictions which should be listed on the certificate of character. 

I am calling on all citizens of Barbados to join me in protecting the vulnerable in society. Sign this petition to let the Attorney General & Government of Barbados know that we will not stand for people with sexual offenses against a child to be allowed the freedom to roam near or frequent community buildings, parks, schools or any vicinity where children can be easily targeted or manipulated. 

We have a right to know! We need to know who these sex offenders are. 

Stephanie F. Chase J.P.


5,015 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!