Yes We Can. Calling Barack Obama to support Medicare for All for America.

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In 2008 you proved, "Yes We Can" was a powerful motive force and sold America on believing in its better self.  You achieved the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, known as ObamaCare, insuring over 20 million more people in the USA.  Medicare for All, is a plan you endorsed in a speech Sept 7, 2018.  

The Democratic primary is partly about people and partly about ideas.  The ideas America most wants and needs include Medicare for All.  In the minds of many people, you represent the better self we would like to be.  This is the time to get people of all walks, all communities together to achieve what is best for the whole, best for all of us.  This is the time when "Yes We Can" meets "Not me. Us" and delivers America to itself.  We can do it.

Please speak out and support Bernie Sanders and this idea, "Medicare for All".  Yes We Can.

You dared us to dream, to act.  Please support America, in taking the next step, for Us.