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Erect a Harambe memorial statue outside of The White House.

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On May 28, 2016, an innocent life was lost, that of which belonged to none other than Harambe himself. Harambe was silver-back gorilla who had just turned 17 on May 27, but not just a gorilla. Harambe was a symbol of beauty, purity, curiosity, and most importantly of love. He was a figure of unmatched greatness and I believe I speak for all of us when I say he will never be forgotten. Ultimately, Harambe's death was due to a multitude of different problems. For starters, it is a parents job to look after their kids and teach them the necessary guidelines for basic survival in this modern world. Some of those guidelines that might have been skipped over are "One must not trespass into private areas," and "One shall veer away from steep plummets unless searching for death."  Besides the lack of proper parenting the Cincinnati Zoo is somewhat at fault for taking lethal action to save the child from the loving being of the name Harambe. It takes a strong leader to pick the tougher/riskier decision. Cincinnati chose the easy one. All that being said, unfortunately science is not able to revive Harambe from this tragedy, but we can do something so that his presence is never forgotten. By signing this petition there is a possibility that we could get a Harambe memorial statue placed outside of The White House, or maybe at another significant location. Besides continuing the legacy of Harambe, the most innocent and loving gorilla of them all, this will raise awareness for the treatment of other gorillas, and all other animals, held captive at zoos across America!   

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