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Shut Down Puppy Mills Once And For All...

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My name is Stephanie Lazenis and I am a lover of animals and everything that lives on this planet. I am asking The President Of The United States to shut down puppy mills once and for all. This is a long overdue problem. Puppy Mills need to be closed. We cannot keep turning a blind eye to the torture these poor animals endure for the profit of the people running these horrible puppy mills. This is not how a civilized nation is to treat a domesticated, defenseless, loyal, loving animal. Puppy mills are cruel and inhumane.

I am asking for the President Of The United States to close all current puppy mills for good, going forward, make it illegal to run a puppy mill and I'm also asking for the law to be changed with regards to how people are prosecuted if they do not abide by the law. I think its only fair that people that do this to animals should be prosecuted for animal abuse/torture to the highest level of criminal justice. If we as humans leave a dog unattented in a hot car, we face criminal charges yet puppy mills are still operating. It just does not make sense and us as a nation, have to put a stop to this once and for all. We are the voice of these animals as they can not speak or defend themselves. This is a national disgrace and there must be legislation at the highest level to make puppy mills illegal. Hundreds of thousands of animals, dogs (and cats) are euthanized in shelters across the United States every year. We must put an end to "breeding for profit" and the best place to start is shutting down atrocious puppy mills where animals are endlessly bred and are sick and suffering from terrible neglect.

There are just way too many animals dying for no reason because of over population and shutting down puppy mills would put an end to millions of animals having to die as well as the animals that are living in these inhumane conditions. I have a dog of my own ( Prince) and he is a 7 lb Maltese. When I look at him, I see a friend, a living soul. I see the way he looks at me. He depends on me for everything. God did not put these wonderful animals on this planet for people to torture them in anyway, shape, or form. It saddens me to see how millions of animals are treated and we are the only ones that can change this. We are their voice and they need us more than ever. There is not one good thing about puppy mills, just endless torture of these animals and death that is preventable.

The President Of The United States, Barack Obama, can close Puppy Mills Once and for all. This change would end the suffering of millions of animals and also stop the millions of animals that have to be euthinized every year due to over population. The animals that are here with us now can finally have a chance to feel love, play, drink fresh water, get exercise, get medical care when needed and live the life they were meant to live. They would not have to die or be tortured any longer. The health of all of the animals would improve as its the puppy mills that neglect the health conditions of all these animals.We would finally be able to live in a Country knowing that the torture of these animals has ended and millions of animals would get the loving care and attention they need.

If The President Of The United States does not act, then he is allowing these horrible people to get away with torturing these animals forever for profit as well as having millions of deaths that could have been prevented because of over population. If he does not act, then puppy mills win. We are then saying, its ok to torture and kill animals and that is not ok. Sign my petition asking the President Of The United States to close all current puppy mills for good as well as change the law requesting puppy mills to be illegal and anyone who does not abide by the law will be punished at the highest level of criminal justice for animal abuse/torture and even murder. If we have laws in place for killing one another, then those same laws should apply to torturing and killing animals. We are all living beings, therefore should get the same punishment regardless of our species.


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