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Get 49 Colorado nuclear missiles off of hair-trigger alert status.

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This petition is submitted by The Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War


It's time to end 'hair-trigger' alert status for Colorado's 49 ballistic nuclear missiles.

Being on such high-alert status makes these missiles ready to launch in a matter of minutes-- possibly too soon to fully confirm the authenticity of potential security threats. This policy increases the risk of an accidental nuclear missile launch, or a deliberate launch in response to a false warning, which would have catastrophic results.

The policy of keeping U.S. land-based missiles on a hair trigger dates to the Cold War era. Back then, military strategists on both sides feared a surprise first-strike nuclear attack — not only on cities and industrial sites, but also on their land-based nuclear missiles and bombers. To ensure that they maintained the capability of responding, both countries kept their land-based nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert so they could be launched within minutes, to avoid being destroyed on the ground.

Whether or not this high-alert policy made sense years ago, it doesn’t anymore!

What are the REAL consequences? Launching these weapons could fill the skies with lethal radioactive fallout, and resulting in a "nuclear winter", potentially bringing life as we know it to a halt.

According to David Wright, co-director of the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the appropriate action to take on this alert status should be straightforward. “The Obama administration should show some leadership and remove U.S. land-based missiles from hair-trigger alert status,” says Wright. “President Obama can do that immediately, and without congressional approval, and it would make the world a much safer place, regardless of what other nuclear states ultimately do. He doesn’t have to wait, and he shouldn’t. He needs to act.”

Please urge President Obama, as well as Colorado Senators Bennet and Gardner, to lower the high-alert status as soon as possible.

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