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Stop the Wild Horse Roundups - Keep our horses WILD & FREE

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Wild horses are being rounded up and removed from their home on our public lands by the thousands every year. Today more wild horses live in captivity in taxpayer-subsidized holding facilities than remain in the wild.  - Return to Freedom

It's time that the Bureau of Land Management stopped bowing to pressure from ranchers who only seek to profit by grazing their livestock on our public lands.

To: White House, U.S. House of Representatives, & the U.S. Sentate:

We, the undersigned citizens, call on President Obama, the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Department of the Interior to halt the Bureau of Land Management wild horse and burro roundup program and instead to

1. Manage our public lands for all Americans and not a small group of ranchers who benefit from taxpayer-subsidized grazing on our public lands

2. Give wild horses and burros a fairer share of resources on the small amount of public land that has been designated as habitat for these cherished animals

3. Return wild horses and burros stockpiled in holding pens to the range. Wild horses and burros have been eliminated from more than 15 million acres of BLM land that was designated for their protection. It’s time to return our national icons to freedom on our public lands.


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The American Wild Horse Preservation sent out the following after a round-up conducted in Wyoming:

“Helicopters scoured the beautiful Red Desert, chasing and capturing every last horse in a more than one-million-square-mile area known as the Wyoming Checkerboard.  At least 13 wild horses have died in this unnecessary roundup, including young colts who crashed into panels and broke their necks, and elderly, arthritic and injured horses who were forced to run in pain and terror for miles in a traumatic helicopter chase before being “euthanized” by a bullet to the head. 

In the end, the BLM removed 50 percent more wild horses than originally planned. This devastating action contradicts Americans’ strong support for wild horses and violates legal requirements for actions on public lands.

These deaths are a stark reminder of the inhumanity of our government's policy toward wild horses.”

 - American Wild Horse Preservation

Once in holding facilities, wild horses can be subject to auction. There are reports that America’s wild horses could end up slaughtered and used for sashimi and to flavor ice cream. They call it BASASHI ICE and it sells in Japan.

There have been reports that the BLM was not keeping good records of wild horses and  that many were being sold out the back door from BLM HOLDING FACILITIES to kill-buyers.

For those who don’t lose their lives, they have still lost everything else: freedom, family, home.


The ranchers claim that wild horses are overpopulating the range, even though livestock grazing on millions of acres of public land greatly outnumber the wild horses.  For example, in Utah, livestock grazes on 22 million acres of land in the state, while wild horses are restricted to just 2.1 million acres. There are fewer than 4,000 wild horses on BLM land in Utah, as compared to hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep. In addition, approximately 80 percent of forage on the small amount of land designated as wild horse habitat in Utah is allocated to privately-owned livestock instead of to federally-protected wild horses. That’s right - American tax-payers are paying for PRIVATELY OWNED LIVESTOCK to graze instead of FEDERALLY PROTECTED WILD HORSES.

To emphasize the impact that private ranchers have on the BLM’s decisions take into account that the roundups happen despite national opinion polls indicating that 80 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter, 72 percent support protecting wild horses on public lands, and just 29 percent want public lands used for livestock grazing.  (Poll percentages as reported by Return to Freedom)


If the inhumanity of the roundups or the feeling that America’s horses should roam wild and free as they have for hundreds of years didn’t make you care then perhaps the fact that 80 million of tax-payer’s dollars could be going to other programs will.

There are currently 50,000 wild horses in government holding facilities. The U.S. government is spending American taxpayers' money each year to round up wild horses, transport and then feed and house them. According to the Guardian, the program cost taxpayers $80 million in 2013, up from $40 million in 2009.



Photo by: Mikaela D. Liam

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