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Stop Animal Testing in the U.S!

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We would like to ban animal testing in the United States. Testing on animals is inhumane and cruel. What isn't harmful to an animal could be harmful to humans. Some animals can be similar to humans, however they cannot be identical. The reaction that a animal has will probably not be the same reaction a human has during a clinical trial. People who test on animals are making them suffer and are taking their freedom and often even their lives. Anesthetics are not required  by law to be given to the animal during the experiments. No experiment is illegal, no matter how cruel or inhumane it may be. We understand that some things can be dangerous to humans, but it's just as dangerous to animals. 

Animals cannot control the situation they are in. They don't deserve it. People are trying to create alternatives to animal testing. Labs are already growing replicas of human skin to see the reaction humans will have to the products 

Please, sign our petition to help stop animal testing .

-Veronica Huerta and Faiza Shafi

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