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Send Aaron Glasscock Home: An Innocent Man Who was Given a Harsh Sentence

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In the Spring of 1999, at the age of 22, Aaron Glasscock was just 2 months from graduating a pre-med program in preparation for medical school, in a quest to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a pediatrician. His father had given him an opportunity for a final spring break. All that was required of Aaron was to drive his father's friend, Walter, to Florida to look at a potential "flip" house.

Aaron & Walter made it to their hotel late at night and slept late the next morning. Not long after a hot shower and the beginning of a cup of coffee, DEA agents were knocking at the door, throwing Aaron to the ground and questioning him about things of which he knew nothing. What Aaron didn't know was that the truck he had been driving had a false tank containing $900,000 in cash; cash that was presumed to be used in a drug deal. The truck was also registered in Aaron's name, though the signature was shown at trial not to be his.

After a mistrial and 2 hung juries, Aaron was found guilty and ultimately sentenced to 30 years in federal prison, where parole is not an option. In 3 of Aaron's 4 trials Walter testified, for the prosecution, that Aaron was never around drugs or money, or even any conversations dealing with such. His father remained silent in defense of his son for fear of an even larger sentence.

At this time Aaron has served nearly 16 years of his sentence. He is now 37 years old. He has been a model prisoner, works a full time job in Prison Industries (UNICOR), teaches fitness classes and bible studies and has a tremendous faith in God. He is not bitter, in fact he is incredibly inspirational to all who know him.

In March he submitted a request for clemency in the hopes of being released early. We ask for President Obama to consider the time he has served as enough. Even if Aaron were guilty, this sentence is extremely harsh for a non-violent offense. Especially considering Aaron had no record prior to this. At the very least, Aaron is a waste of tax payers dollars. At the most, he is an incredibly gifted, hard working and giving human being who should be given a chance to see his family again, start a family of his own, have a career and experience life outside of those walls. He has been there long enough. Let's bring him home!



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