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Revise the Tattoo policy in the AR 670-1 effective immediately.

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The AR 670-1 is unconstitutional as it violates Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. It Forces our troops and soon to be troops from the protection of the First Amendment in many ways.

Tattoos are the main point here:

  A form of speech does not lose First Amendment protection based on the kind of surface it is applied to,” For the first the first time in US history, a state Supreme Court has ruled that getting a tattoo is free expression protected by the First Amendment. In September, the Arizona Supreme Court in the case of Coleman v. City of Mesa held that tattoos are a form of “purely expressive activity” or “pure speech” rather than merely “conduct with an expressive component.” Since then others states have followed suit and upheld this ruling.

   I graduated with honors from a North Georgia College and State University, one of 6 senior military institutions in the country. I went through ROTC, did my time at Fort Knox and for the United States Army to say that just because I have a full sleeve tattoo on my arm disqualifies me from enlisting, re-enlisting, commissioning or advancement is ludicrous.

   It's ok for you to have a Bluetooth in ear while driving a military vehicle while wearing sunglasses with acrylic nails and wearing earrings but I can't have tattoos? Tattoos are a Long tradition within all branches of the military. It sustains moral, camaraderie and a sense of pride and accomplishment.  If I or any other one of my brothers and sisters in arms are willing to sacrifice our lives for our dear country, what does it matter that we have tattoos.  I received mine while in ACU's as not to have the tattoos below the wrist or above the neckline. The one on the back of my lower neck says in Latin "defeat is not an option", a part of the Warrior Ethos. What message is this sending to the younger generations?

    As being female myself, it is also asinine to be able to wear false nails and earrings while in uniform. It screams hey I'm here, shoot me.

   The military in general is loosing site of what really matters. We are here to protect and to serve, not to look good in uniform. As I am sure you have already seen and heard the backlash from the military members and veterans alike, maybe it's time to look into the mirror and tell me if you like what you see.

   Because speaking for veterans, current members and future soldiers, we are disgusted with what we are seeing. 

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