No Killing Wolves On / Near Public Lands: Federal, State, Parks & BLM in USA

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Stop the killing and trapping healthy wolves on or near public lands - Its your clear mandate!        

Wolves are essential for environmental health,

... Wolves are the natural, most agreeable way to control Wild Boar, Ungulate and Rodent populations that destroy crop and flora, as well as spread disease everywhere! Wolves have been proven to primarily kill sick and old in herds, increase the herd health, prevent them from over-grazing and overpopulating (proven in Yellowstone Park), as well as rodents that can spread diseases. Consider, foxes, coyotes and wolves consume a lot of rodents: mice, rats, prairie dogs, rabbits. Unchecked rodent populations destroy crops and can spread disease outbreaks, e.g., bubonic plague!  (wolves, coyotes and foxes are immune to bubonic plague)  Don't repeat past mistakes! New study demonstrates that if there is a range rider man on horseback) monitoring the herd, there are no wolf kills even with a close by wild wolf pack:
Consider: Naturally evolved diversity of life supports and enriches all life, Wildlife populations have decreased by 58% over the last 40 years (Living Planet report 2016;

Upon which we depend for a healthy environment.

Recently a new study published in the journal Science Advances, concludes that: 

 even with extremely conservative estimates, species are disappearing up to about 100 times faster than the normal rate between mass extinctions, known as the background rate.

"If it is allowed to continue, life would take many millions of years to recover, and our species itself would likely disappear early on," said lead author Gerardo Ceballos of the Universidad Autónoma de México.

 Read more at: and copy of study report:

We cannot afford to lose any more wildlife, especially wild large game (except some deer populations) and predators; that are near extinction!

Trophy hunting must stop now! Some of many official sites for detailed non-lethal methods to prevent wolf depredation of livestock:

 Summary: During the first year the mean cost of livestock protection was USD 3.30 per head of stock and the mean cost of depredation was USD 20.11 per head of stock. In the first year of non-lethal control the combined implementation and running costs were similar to those of lethal control (USD 3.08 per head). However, the mean cost of depredation decreased by 69.3%, to USD 6.52 per head. In the second year of non-lethal control the running costs (USD 0.43 per head) were significantly lower than in previous years and depredation costs decreased further, to USD 5.49 per head. Our results suggest that non-lethal methods of human–wildlife conflict mitigation can reduce depredation and can be economically advantageous compared to lethal methods of predator control. wildlife, especially wild large game (except some deer populations) and predators; that are near extinction!

Man's Ancient Promise, to the Wolf….'For teaching humans leadership, loyalty, teamwork, hunting strategies, love, displays of affection and giving their weakest pups, now called dogs,  We Humans Promise:   to let Wild Wolves Run Free! continue their role in Nature:  to improve the health of herds, by taking mostly the sick and old,  preserve flora, diverse plant, animal, environment, and clean water, simply by keeping herds from over-grazing, prevent rodent overpopulation and associated spread of disease….this ancient promise is held In Perpetuity' … breach of this promise, signals the end of humane civilization and likely humanity!