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“Pardon” All Turkeys and Celebrate Thanksgiving With a Meat-Free Meal!

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I recently worked inside a turkey hatchery owned by Foster Farms, the company slated to raise the “2015 National Thanksgiving Turkey.” While there, I not only saw firsthand the horrors that thousands of newly-hatched birds tragically endure every single day behind closed doors—I caught it all on camera.

Although Foster Farms publicly touts its commitment to “humane” values, I documented shockingly cruel, yet standard industry practices forced upon these birds on their very first day of life. Treated like mere widgets on an assembly line, baby turkeys are jostled around on conveyor belts to various mutilation stations, where they have their sensitive beaks and toes burned off without any pain relief.

Unwanted birds who hatched from their shells just hours earlier are treated like trash: some are dumped in a machine that grinds them up alive, while others are tossed in a plastic garbage bag to slowly suffocate to death.

For those who survive, their misery continues at the factory farm where they’re overcrowded in dark, filthy warehouses and forced to live in their own waste day in and day out. A few months later, they’ll be packed up and shipped to slaughter, where they suffer terribly for the last moments of their lives.

 Turkeys, and all birds raised for food, are exempted from all federal animal protection laws, including the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. In other words, from birth until death, they are provided virtually no legal protections whatsoever.

President Obama, compassion is an American value, and I therefore urge you to not eat a turkey this Thanksgiving. I painstakingly filmed this Foster Farms footage so that all Americans could glimpse inside the misery-filled lives of the millions of turkeys who are raised for meat in this country, and urge you to watch it, too.

This November, when you’re presented with the “National Thanksgiving Turkey”—who very likely started his or her life at the Foster Farms hatchery where I worked—please consider extending your “pardon” beyond this one individual animal. Please demonstrate your compassion by “pardoning” all turkeys this year, and choose a healthier and more humane holiday celebration by eating plant-based. A variety of delicious meat-free recipes are available at  



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