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Save any animal from a hot car

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There is a law in place to rescue a child from a hot car in anyway just to save the child but there is not a law in place for animals to be rescued from a hot car.  I heard this story of how a guy smashed a window to save a dog from a burning hot car and then was arrested because the owner was upset about her window.  While the owner got to keep the dog.  I believe the dog should have been took away while animal cruelty charges should have been made as well.  I am only 15 years old and care about this very much.  I have a special bond with animals and want to make sure they stay safe.   I believe I am young but I speak loud and will not stop until this law is passed for the better and safety of animals.  They are similar to people.  After all they have feelings just as much as we do.  I know this might not seem like a big issue compared to other things happening around the world.  But we need to fix one thing at a time so lets start to make a difference.  By supporting my petition you are bettering the lives of animals  and ensuring them safety as well as protection from cruelty.  I started this petition to make sure animals are not neglected even if people don't mean to do it they are neglecting just by leaving them in that hot car for to long and deciding to put them in the car in the first place.  So help me and all the animals out there stay safe and say no to animal cruelty.

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