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Lift Lupron Data Gag - Turn Off The Poison TAP #TAPoff

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LUPRON is a powerful chemotherapy drug made only and specifically for palliative care during end-stage advanced prostate cancer.  Patients are not expected to recover, even prior to taking LUPRON. The singular in-depth study, conducted by leading endometriosis specialist Dr. David Redwine,  analyzes the so-called clinical trials that allowed for its current uses and therein debunks the manufacturer's safety and efficacy claims.

Yet, the data used by Dr. Redwine has been gagged from publication and never been made available, allowing millions of women and children to be maimed, sickened and, even, put to death through the rampant misuse of LUPRON, largely based on fabricated clinical trials furnished to the manufacturer by several physicians.

LUPRON SURVIVORS need Dr. Redwine's work published!



"Medical Expert Witness Statement by Dr. David B. Redwine describing TAP's lupron 'medical fraud' as being 'the most egregious example of Big Pharma controlling the practice of medicine''. Dr. Redwine concludes that lupron is 'unsafe and harmful in addition to being ineffective'. The enticements offered to doctors by TAP to promote and prescribe lupron are illustrated - Dr. Redwine details TAP's offer of $100,000 in exchange for prescribing lupron to his patients. Dr. Redwine also comments on his experience with approximately 750 patients who have taken lupron/GnRHa's (mostly lupron) and who report and manifest adverse, lingering symptoms... [sic]

...on November 13, 2013, the FDA finally responded to Dr. Redwine's 300-page report (entitled 'Leuprolide - the 'D' is Silent') - and the FDA determined 'no regulatory action is needed', and made no mention of the issue of fraudulent data and altered outcomes. In March 2014, 'Lupron Victims Hub' sent an Open Letter to FDA asking specific questions, which remain unanswered to date...  [sic]

Dr. Gueriguian (a former FDA Medical Officer involved with the initial 1985 FDA approval of lupron for pallliative treatment of prostate cancer) has stated more recently in his capacity as an expert medical witness in a female lupron product liability lawsuit that 'Lupron causes irreversible side effects and permanent severely disabling health problems.' [sic]

In a 2012 New York Times article, it was stated that '[a] recent inquiry into maternal deaths in the UK found that OHSS [ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome] following high-dose IVF [in vitro fertilization - consisting of lupron/GnRHa's] is now one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in England and Wales... Considering the number of women who've taken these drugs [lupron] over the past 25 years, you'd think much more rigorous studies and analysis would have been done on them.'"  [sic]

-Nurse Lynne Millican ______________________________________________


Intentional, unchecked unauthorized human pharmaceutical experimentation and literal poisoning of millions of Women and Children by Takeda-Abbott (TAP) Pharmaceuticals, since 1988:

"FDC Reports. December 5, 1988. TAP Lupron: U.S. Sales Expected to Double in 1988; Gynecological Indications Planned for Future Expand LHRH Analog’s Market Potential to $100 Million Level. (p.4.) FDC Reports. April 2, 1990. Takeda-Abbott Lupron Promotions Will Have To Be Precleared [sic] By FDA Under Letter Of Adverse Finding;")


Printed for the use of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

Millions have and continue to suffer for only this agenda. Turn Off The Poison TAP.


TAP | Abbott | Takeda-Abbott | AbbVie | et al; seeking a wider customer base, have pushed this intense poison into women and children via their medical specialists, for a quarter century. (Links below will inform you of some of the legal judgments already made against the manufacturer.)

Despite these multi-million dollar judgments



...achieved by deliberate criminal frauds and careless use of "off-label" chemotherapy (which, further, also ignores LUPRON's safety protocols).

In fact, the enterprise continues, even flourishing, unchecked, pushing poison on up to 10% of the female population anywhere LUPRON is sold.  Women report physician persuasion, and even frequent hostility when refusing LUPRON, also citing such a consistent lack of safety information, as to be rampant.

The heinousness and success of this poison enterprise proves truly astonishing.


Q:  Should this 2016 Lena Dunham / Jenni Konner video even exist, in light of the product monograph safety protocol, as reprinted on the manufacturer's website?

"LUPRON DEPOT must be administered in your doctor’s office."



Apr 13, 2016 — Lena Dunham responded to the negativity surrrounding [sic] her with this post on Facebook:

"Hey loves,

My friend (and amazing advocate for women with endometriosis) Padma Lakshmi alerted me to the fact that I upset some of my fellow endo sufferers when I posted a video on Lenny Letter of me getting a Lupron shot. In the video I say that three months of Lupron is equivalent to an excision surgery. I misspoke. While Lupron can be super helpful to some (and has been for me in my treatment) it is not right for everyone and is NOT the equivalent of a laparoscopic surgery.

The last thing I ever want is to spread misinformation about this disease, and I'm learning more each day- unfortunately, endometriosis misinformation is rampant online and beyond and I was blithely quoting the Internet. I want to thank Padma for letting me know about the upset parties and my doctor Randy Harris for always making sure I'm armed with facts. Wishing everyone love and light in their personal journey with this illness. I'm feeling good.


Sadly, "doctor Randy Harris" apparently forgot to "arm" his patient with any safety standard facts about Lupron.

"Table 1 (Continued). Sample List of Drugs that Should be Handled as Hazardous*

Leuprolide acetate  1,2,5  10:00 Antineoplastic agents"

-NIOSH List of Antineoplastic and Other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings 2012, page 8

(Remember the question...?)

A:  No... Despite the rampant medical disregard for patient and public safety.

Don't blame Ms. Dunham, blame TAP's network of poison pushers.

          TURN OFF THE POISON TAP!        #TAPoff!


From fabricated "clinical trials" to institutionalized vilification of victims; a journalist falsely written into a fake clinical trial (1989-1990) has chronicled discovery and recovery. The FDA were informed by both the journalist (who has read Dr. Redwine's study and is the author of this petition) and, subsequently, by Health Canada, as well.

Only one small, yet highly significant, change to the product monograph was made, and the manufacturer simply continued business-as-usual, defrauding Medicare along with millions of sickened patients. Many report hopelessness due to severe side effects and, especially, due to the utter lack or remedy or repair, since most adverse effects are simply and dishonestly denied as possibly being related to LUPRON.  This is not an issue that, apparently, can be addressed by the medical community, and has not been.


A decade ago, "One of TAP Pharmaceuticals' leading Lupron researchers - Boston gynecologist Andrew J. Friedman, fabricated clinical research to expand the off label market for this prostate cancer drug."

Despite his confession, the former Dr. Friedman was not prosecuted. (Nor did the FDA pay closer attention to their 1998 report from two sources, one being Health Canada, of fabrication in, at least, one prior 1989-90 "clinical trial" in Toronto.

Rather, Friedman "left his division directorship at Womens and Brighams Hospital [sic] in Boston to take a job full time with a pharmaceutical company. Why would a pharmaceutical company hire a researcher whose medical license was pulled, for fabricating safety data?" †

Indeeed, why has the former Dr. Friedman not been prosecuted after precipitating the maiming of millions of innocent LUPRON victims?

   Prosecute Friedman!  Un-gag Redwine! 

           Turn Off The Poison TAP!

The charade continues to be perpetrated by this multinational pharmaceutical corporation against women and children. Dr. Friedman was not the only one to fabricate so-called "clinical trial" participants, or to alter their medical files.


Additionally, medical mistreatment to death and disability persisted on the authority of those who came before Dr. Friedman, with no FDA investigation, despite evidence of other "fabricated" clinical trials presented to Health Canada and the FDA in 1998 and 1999.

... serving only the recorded interests of manufacturer, now AbbVie (aka Abbott, Takeda-Abbott, TAP), while fully supplanting patient rights.


“...anxiety, personality disorder, memory disorder, delusions" ‡

were listed as adverse effects for Lupron.

During 1998 - 1999,  Canadian medical and legal investigations revealed that "Delusions" were included in product monographs without any medical basis, an apparent convenience of the manufacturer's, with no medical evidence of same to support TAP's claim.

Subsequently, "Delusions" was removed as an adverse effect.

Apparently, that was all that was done, causing a 16 year-old case to now be unearthed for the good of millions of victims, and to help enable a basis for a class-action lawsuit on the premise of fraudulent studies acquiring FDA NOCs for Lupron use on women, now ignored in favor of "off-label" use to maintain TAP's cash-cow: Ch-Ching goes your health and your personal safety!

The powerful fraud of Lupron "Delusions" alone effectively cut legions of women off from adequate or authentic medical care for treatment of adverse effects (to say the least).

TAP has just recently revived "delusions" for use as a powerful tool against those suffering LUPRON, demonstrating, again, the manufacturer's determination to facilitate the persecution of those who complain of adverse reactions.


Q: How could this happen?

A: Corruption

"Dr. Friedman admitted that he had falsified and fabricated approximately 80 percent of the data in research reports published in Fertility and Sterility"



                  JUST SAY NO TO LUPRON

                  AND THE REAL 'DRUG WAR'

​                     Turn off the poison TAP!​ 




"FINDINGS OF SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT, NIH GUIDE": Volume 25, Number 15, May 10, 1996

‡   "Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties", pp 974-975

      Ⓒ 1999 Canadian Pharmacists Association


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Medical investigation into safety and efficacy of original so-called "clinical trials" for LUPRON was done: Un-Gag Dr. Redwine's Study for publication!

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