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Stand up for the rights of the Rohingya people and ensure that those adrift at sea are saved.

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The Rohingya people, a Muslim minority in Myanmar, have faced discrimination and violence for years. They have been murdered and tortured, forced into what have been described as modern day concentration camps, and denied citizenship. 

In an effort to escape this violence thousands have attempted to flee, dying at sea or being betrayed and sold into human trafficking. Now, several thousand are stranded at sea as no country will take their boats in.

Obama must call upon the leaders of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to take in the Rohingya refugees, use American military intelligence to help rescue the refugees, and make it clear to Myanmar that its abuse of human rights is detrimental to relations with the USA.  

If the leaders of other countries are unwilling to take in the stranded Rohingyas the United States should step up and shelter them. Simply talking about the issue is not enough as men, women, and children die.

The United States of America has long prided itself as a defender of liberty and democracy, and as such we have a moral and social obligation not to stand by as innocents die. Time and again America has failed to involve itself in human rights crises, apologizing and regretting that we ignored atrocities after it is too late to change what has occurred. During the Holocaust we turned away the MS St. Louis, a ship filled with fleeing jews who were forced to return to slaughter in Germany. We failed to do anything when ethnic and political conflict turned into mass murder in Rwanda, a mistake that Bill Clinton says he regrets to this day. We must atone for our past failings and do what we can to assist the Rohingya.


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