Grant clemency to Rose Summers: Nonviolent Offender served 18 of a 25 year sentence.

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I was only 8 months old when my mom, Rose Summers, went to prison for conspiracy charges in a meth case. She was a first time nonviolent offender and never had much of a chance because her mother used drugs and lived with someone who sold meth, so that’s the home my mother grew up in. Regardless, she takes full responsibility for her role and involvement in the case she was convicted for.

I’m her only son so I know it cut deep when she was sentenced to 25 years. She wasn't there for my life milestones like my first touchdown in pee wee football, all the way to graduating high school. Her mother passed away in prison in 2009 and her father died in car accident on his way to visit her in 1998.

I believe she has paid any debt to society that she may have owed and is deserving of clemency from President Obama. 

My mom was not the drug dealer in her case. She was using the dealer's money to pay for daily living expenses. She and her mother lived with the drug supplier which she admits was wrong but she felt obligated to her at the time. She was given the opportunity to cooperate by testifying against her mother to lessen her sentence but couldn't bring herself to testify against her own mother. Her co-defendants got less time than her although they were in the drug trafficking business for years prior. 

She has taken every conceivable course to re-habilitate herself while incarcerated. She has earned two Associates degrees. One in Business and one in Marketing, completing them with a 3.7 GPA. She is taking a Managerial Finance course working towards her Bachelors degree. She is also taking a Wedding & Event Planning Course and has a certificate for Hotel and Restaurant Management with honors through Ashworth College in Norcross Georgia. 

My mom is not the same person she was when she was sentenced to prison nearly 2 decades ago. She appreciates the small things in life that she has missed out on due to her lifestyle back then. She stays positive and keeps her hope and faith in God for strength.

Even though I do not have a single memory growing up that didn’t involve me having to go through security clearance just to see her, I love her with all my heart and there is no doubt I am the center of her world. When Christmas came around there was always something under the tree for me, with her name on it. She would call me, send letters, and even send me her self made crafts she would create.

Please join me in asking President Obama to grant my mom clemency so she can continue her life with her family. 

Learn more about Rose Summers and her accomplishments on the CAN-DO Foundation's website.