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My brother Tyrone Peterson is currently incarcerated in Kuwait. He was working a contract job in Kuwait for the past 4 years, On the night of October 11 2015. Tyrone went to a guy's night out at a friends home, while there, the police came in at gun point and handcuffed everyone to search the premises. After about five minutes of rigorous searching the authorities found a shoe box filled with marijuana. The amount that was found  was 1 oz, the authorities questioned everyone in the apartment & no one confessed to ownership, the authorities then gave the charge to Tyrone without incident. They charged Tyrone with possession with intent to distribute. He tried explaining to the investigating officer that he did not live there and that he does not partake in any drugs. He was drug tested and the results came back negative. Mysteriously as the months past the 1oz of Marijuana turned into 200g, & after 8 long months of no contact with his family Today he has been sentenced to 15 years in a Kuwaiti prison. He has a lawyer but is not allowed to speak with him when at court. It is almost impossible to get a phone call and the language barrier is a big problem. Tyrone has proudly served his country in the US Army for 11 years. He has been deployed 5 times. 4 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. I am asking the US government to please intervene and provide some form of representation for him. The lawyer that's currently representing him has not did so effectively. On the very rare occasions that Tyrone is allowed to use the phone, the lawyer does not answer. He is trapped in a country where he has no help or proper legal representation. He has 2 beautiful young daughters and a newborn son that he has never met, & must get back to.  This is truly a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time & my brother's freedom has been unjustifiably taken away... I ask that any & everyone that reads this petition to sign and share so that The U.S government would help my brother return to his children & his family. This is an injustice thats must be corrected! Thanks to everyone in advance