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Dolphins Freedom Forever Movement: The Ban on Dolphin Captivity

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We at Raise Ur Paw, are writing to you as members of humanity to please play your active roles and raising your voices in support of our Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement.

Around the globe countless marine parks and other facilities have and still are holding innocent dolphins enslaved as profit-making and entertainment props -- robbing such life of their natural environments, their families, instincts and completely isolating them from the life and freedom that they so rightfully deserve.
and it is time to bring this enslavement and exploitation to an end....

The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement is established with the hopes of removing such chains of enslavement from these sentient and social beings and have them placed back within the wild or within sea sanctuaries etc, to call upon a ban on importation and exportation, and the breeding programs in which these facilities use in order to create future captive lives, and end the exploitation for entertainment and profit making purposes.

Like the battles fought for captive orcas that the world has played a huge role in, and the changes made to end orca slavery so far, we believe that such strength and determination can also happen for the countless other innocent lives that are enslaved within these facilities as well -- and that is why we are coming to you as humanity to help and support this movement for captive dolphins.

"Each Step Taken Is A Step Worth Making For Life In Need...."

Right at this moment, we are petitioning Governments around the globe to help support this movement and finally make captivity a thing of the past. To urge those of political power and influence to make a stand for life in need, and show themselves as role-models for a better world and future for all innocent life.

We are requesting individual's support and voices to achieve this goal, and we are truly hoping that we can count on you as humanity to make this happen.


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