Upgrading Greensborough Skatepark

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This petition requests that Banyule City Council take action to replace the Greensborough skatepark.

The Greensborough skatepark is old, decaying, has poor amenities, an outdated lay-out and has a poor community safety design resulting in making it feel unsafe for many skateboarders and scooter riders.

When built, the Greensborough Skatepark was a destination skatepark for many. Over time, the poor upkeep and outdated design has led to its use greatly decreasing.   

Skateboarding and scooter riding provides excellent physical activity and teaches mutual respect, social networking, artistic expression and an appreciation of the environment. It gives kids something positive to do and links them to something that embraces all types of people.

With the Olympics now including skateboarding for the first time, skateparks will increase in popularity and skaters local to Greensborough, and from all over Melbourne would be grateful for a modern and safe place to skate.