Cloth Nappy Rebate Canterbury Bankstown region

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I ask Councillor khal Asfour and the Canterbury Bankstown City Council to provide a rebate to parents who decide to use Cloth Nappies.

Canterbury Bankstown City Council state "We are reimagining the way we manage waste." And I believe that in order to reimagine waste management we need to promote cloth nappies where possible and make them easily accessible to our community. 

It has been determined that in the first years of a child’s life, parents will conduct on average 6000 nappy changes. Typically, an infant requires 12 nappy changes a day and a toddler requires 6-8 nappy changes a day. That’s around 42 - 84 disposable nappies in the bin a week! Across Australia and New Zealand, 3.75 million disposable nappies are used daily and each take 150 years to break down.

Although, initially, investment in modern cloth nappies can be expensive, they cost less overall (when machine washing and line drying) and tend to be the more environmentally friendly choice. This is especially the case when used with multiple children. They are also free from plastics and harmful chemicals. To use modern cloth nappies full time on a baby, it is estimated that you need around 24 nappies. The total cost of disposable nappies ( just the nappies, excluding wipes & other accessories) varying between about $1,800 and $3,000+ each child

As initial set up costs can be an expensive deterrent, we the undersigned hereby petition that the Canterbury Bankstown  City Council follow in the lead of the City of Albury and offer a rebate of 50% off the purchase price to a maximum of a $150 rebate (including cloth and swim nappies, reusable inner absorbent liners, reusable wipes, reusable breast pads and wet bags).

As a new parent, this is a cause that I strongly believe in. Please join me in trying to make a change for the better!