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Petitioning Minister for Finance The Honourable Mathias Cormann and 4 others

Develop policy for Banks & Credit Unions to clearly advertise ATM fees on the machine itself.


As consumers we should have access to this information before choosing to use an ATM. It will generate competition and allow us to decide which machine best suits our needs. If the banks and credit unions want more of our money, let's make them fight for it.

Letter to
Minister for Finance The Honourable Mathias Cormann
The Treasurer The Honourable Joe Hockey
Shadow Treasurer The Honourable Chistopher Bowen
and 2 others
Shadow Minister for Finance The Honourable Tony Burke
Australian banks & Credit Unions Australian banks & Credit Unions
As consumers i believe we are entitled to know the cost of using an ATM before inserting our card. Banks and credit unions should be forced to advertise the costs clearly on the machines themselves. This would generate competition and enable Australians to make an educated decision when choosing to use an ATM service.

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