Save Balfron's Bank

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The Bank of Scotland has announced the decision to close its Balfron Branch on 17 August 2020. They plan to replace it with a mobile branch but have published no details of how often and for how long this will visit.  Accessing alternative banking facilities will involve a minimum 25-mile round trip.

It is a decision that can only further erode the health of all the rural villages of West Stirlingshire.  This bank is a lifeline for local businesses, farms, voluntary bodies and in particular the elderly who may not have access to, or trust in, online banking.  In rural areas many of us still operate a cash-based economy, and a local presence for the bank is vital.  Balfron is the 'hub' village for all the local communities and villages.  This decision leaves the whole of the Forth & Endrick ward without a single bank - and removes a key spoke from the hub.

This is a clumsy corporate decision based on algorithms over community and makes a mockery of the Bank's current tv campaign, "By Your Side".  It completely ignores the social responsibilities of this banking giant and we ask that you support our efforts to get this short-sighted decision overturned as soon as possible.