£380 financial reimbursements per student affected by staff strikes at Bangor University.

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We want Bangor University to reimburse all students for teaching and learning time lost due to the planned strikes. Additionally, we want the University to listen to lecturer and student demands and work with the UCU to find an amicable solution to the threats our lecturers currently face: cuts to their pensions, increasingly high workloads, the gender pay gap, and expanding casualisation of contracts.

As students, we support our lecturers who choose to take industrial action to protect their- and our- futures and interests. However, we feel that we should be compensated by Bangor University for the fact that we are missing time from our education as a result of the University's attitudes towards its staff.

Based on £9,000 a year tuition fees, with the strike lasting the full eight days, students are set to lose £380 each (£300 paid for every five day week). With approximately 11,000 students across the Bangor and Wrexham Campuses, this equates to the university paying out roughly £4,180,000 in compensation. 

This petition was set up by Katie Medlin, Talia Reed, Elaena Shipp, and Ian Green. Please join us in supporting our lecturers and demanding fair compensation.