Justice for Phoolmuni -Domestic worker From Assam

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Phoolmuni a girl from Assam, kokrajar village, was sent to Delhi with someone ,know in the village. The family was told , that she will get a good life and job. She was 12 years then. The family thought , that she is working in Delhi. 

Phoolmuni was sold to a family for Rs 50,000 in 2012 by an agent at Milan enterprises.  Post then she was never paid a single amount of salary.she lived in karnal with the old Army couple for 3 years and post that , she was brought to Bangalore, as the couple's daughter was expecting. 

We as residents of the apartment spoke to the couple, around Nov 2016, on the way Phoolmuni was being treated. They used to Beat her for trivial issues. She was not fed well, even not given proper clothes to wear.

 She was living out of the balcony and newspapers were her bed. There have been times when she has been locked in the balcony and had to pee there. She never looked happy and there were always her screaming and crying sounds coming from the bathroom

The mother of Garima , old lady always scolded  Phoolmuni and has been seen slapping her in public too. She was never left alone and when some people try to offer help to give her clothes. The couple and the old lady refused. 

This year on 2nd April, Phoolmuni fell from 9th floor. She was found dead by the residents. 

Her death is becoming a mystery as there was no blood at the site where she fell. We also informed the police about the way she was being treated, but all in vein. 

Through this petition we want to create awareness about Phoolmuni's death and ensure her culprits get the right punishment through our law and order. We don't know if it's a murder or suicide. But what we know is, she was not kept well and whatever happened that night is a manifestation of extrem emotions either from the owner or her. 

We also want to create awareness about child trafficking and bonded labour. People from village send the girls to cities in the hope of job. 

Many families buy them from agents and keep them as domestic workers. Most of them are minor and not treated well. Many of them are physically and mentally harassed.

There is no dignity of labour.

we want justice for Phoolmuni.