Stop wrong-side driving and Save lives

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Keanu Reeves, the Matrix star, crosses/passes Sarjapur road in Bangalore everyday cleverly disguised as a common Bangalore person. We see him in the guise of people, moving/swerving in all directions to avoid colliding with vehicles that come from all directions. Dodging the traffic coming from the right end as well as the wrong is proving to be more difficult than dodging the bullets that appear in the Matrix movie.

There are no right turns allowed on this road and everybody needs to travel till the signal to make a u-turn. People riding two wheelers or sometimes driving even cars, autos and trucks come in the wrong direction to take a right because they don't want to travel till the signal to make a u-turn. 

Bangalore Traffic Police have heeded our requests and posted policemen to fine wrong doers, but BTP can't be available 24/7 to stop the defaulters. When the cat is away, the mice fearlessly play and on Sarjapur road, an accident is just a second away. If it's thrill that you seek then try to cross Sarjapur road on any day of the week. 

Sign this petition to urge Bangalore Traffic Police to provide a permanent solution to stop drivers/riders coming on the wrong side of Sarjapur road. We can't expect BTP to act as Batman and save us every time we use this road. 

For once we would like to be ordinary men/women on the road rather than the invincible hero of a thriller movie.