Speed breakers on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road

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The road leading to The International School Bangalore (TISB) has become extremely dangerous. This is the only major road that connects Whitefield to Sarjapur road and it plies school buses filled with children, heavy trucks with construction material, water tankers, farm tractors, cars and 2-wheelers. All vehicles recklessly speed on this road due to its evenness and lack of any regulation. This poses a large risk to anyone coming into or going out of school and the general population who use the road. What would help is the construction of speed breakers before and after the in- and out- gates of the school along with proper lighting and signage to provide sufficient warning to the users of the road about the speed breakers. 

As per the school, they used to have speed breakers, but the locals got them removed in the past. Hoping to get enough attention to this issue so that the authorities do the rightful thing and construct safe speed breakers before lives are unnecessarily lost. There have been many accidents in this stretch recently, and will only continue as the traffic has been steadily increasing over time.