Footbridge opposite Prestige Tech Park, Bangalore

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Thousands of all generation employees cross the Outer Ring Road to reach one of the most crowded and busiest tech parks in Bangalore, Prestige Tech Park near Sarjapur - Marathahalli Outer Ring Road. The zebra crossing is unseen, the swarm of unstoppable vehicles bring a huge risk to bunch of people trying to cross the road every minute. No matter how cautious and patient I might be, the probability of one getting hit is evenly high. Even when the Accessible Pedestrian Signals are on(after a long wait), unconcerned drivers just don't care and go on. People mostly prefer to find a way and cross the road in groups rather than waiting for the pedestrian signal to work. Lots of mothers too carry their child and cross the road.

Please raise hands to build a foot bridge opposite to PTP, Bangalore at the earliest. Implementing it asap might save lives, and risks of endangering. Where roads are being broken and repaired almost every month, construction and buildings are the only development what we see around all the time, a life-saving step like this is urgent for the overall city to develop and not just end up losing life while crossing a road during routine work.

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