Animal cruelty doesn't belong in Banff - kick Canada Goose out of Banff national park

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A couple of weeks ago, a clothing company specializing in the use of down and fur products opened up on 317 Banff Ave. Within the popular tourist town, animals are protected under strict wildlife protections. The province takes pride in the pristine beauty of the natural wintry wonderland known as Banff National Park. However, the narrative behind these increasingly popular fur coats is a very different story.

Canada Goose utilizes coyote fur collected through the use of steel leg hold traps. These traps have been banned in over 85 countries due to their horrific cruelty. Through licensing unmonitored contractors, Canada Goose makes deceptive claims around the murder and torture of these beautiful creatures by using terms such as "local" "Canadian" and "wild fur."

Canada Goose has also been exposed numerous times by independent animal rights groups, using LIVE PLUCKED down despite their claims for ethical sourcing. This process involves ripping feathers off of conscious ducks multiple times before brutally slaughtering them and selling their bodies for meat products. 

Local citizens have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and took it into their own hands to non-violently vandalize the new storefront voicing strong opinions against the cruel company's presence in Banff Alberta. 

Local citizens have also partaken in peaceful, legal protests against the stores opening in an attempt to expose the true cruelty behind this disgusting fashion statement.

Sign this petition today to help remove this stain from Banff Alberta and demonstrate compassion towards all living beings in the area.