The perfect Dragonball game

The perfect Dragonball game

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Saiyan Slym started this petition to bandai and


I am a lifetime Dragonball fan. I've owned EVERY Dragonball Z game that has ever existed & me & I'm pretty sure tons of others would agree with what I have to say..okay, by far you guy's best work has been the Budokai, Budokai Tenkaichi, & Raging Blast series & I'll tell you why they're better than Xenoverse. (Kakarot is an amazing game)


The cool thing about Sagas was the co-op modes & how you could teleport in the midsts of battle..the rushing techniques were fire, & you sending enemies flying into buildings. Then after you complete the game, you can go back to any part of the story you wanted & use any characters you've unlocked.


The story modes are pretty great as well as the beam & clash struggles. The combo-into-super attack features are amazing! We miss that


1) Roster:

You could play with Dragonball, Dragonball Z, & Dragonball GT characters..(General Tao, Master Roshi, etc.)

2) Transformations:

You could select ANY transformation from any character at will as well as you can power down whenever you wanted. The ozaru transformation was epic. With each transformation the character used, the fighting style changed as well as the super & ultimate skills plus the animations which was an underrated feature.

3) Battle Damage:

When characters got hit with a powerful attack, their clothes were destroyed. & not to mention when the character's health was low, they were vaporized by a powerful enough energy wave. Another underrated feature.

4) Planetary Destruction:

Simply amazing..when you do an ultimate attack, you destroy the whole scenery..yet an underminded feature

5) Clashes & Beam Struggles:

Not only were you able to collide energy waves for a beam struggle, you even struggle to win a clash, not to mention you were able to deflect the energy beams as well.

6) Gameplay & Animations:

The animations were spectacular..when you do any attack, it showed the animation from the TV series when connected which was pretty cool. Gameplay & movement were superb all the dashing & homing dashes, able to connect charged blows then charging ki was a given, not a skill you have to obtain like in Xenoverse. Being hit so hard you drop to base form & unlock from your opponent. The fact that you actually could use the scouter to locate the enemy. There was one bar that consisted of ki & stamina in one.


Pretty much all of Budokai Tenkaichi's features at a faster pace & better graphics. There were less people on the roster but an awesome game. Like the quick dashes were an added feature which I’m pretty sure everybody misses.


What made this game popular was the creating your own warrior & the ability to train & learn any desired fighting style. The one flaw in this game was that you had to guess too much. But the planetary destruction & the fact that you could pick a hairstyle; then it actually goes up when you go super saiyan is legit dont forget that as a Saiyan, having a tail that moved. But in Xenoverse your hair stays the same as it was in base form & you had to unlock a tail that didn’t even move


I wasn't even going to speak on it, but the fact that you can pick any outfit for the character like in Mortal Kombat was hyped. Like I can use the first saiyan battle armor we saw Vegeta in & still go Super Vegeta. That's a pretty cool Easter egg too.


The game was decent, but you couldn’t play co-op. The fighting style was slow paced but it was a fun game to play


1) Gameplay:

It's actually a pretty good game, but the features listed in the games prior were absent. Nothing I listed above was in this game which was disappointing because you'd think that an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 franchise would be upgraded from the Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360, & PS3 franchises.

2) Graphics:

I personally don't like Xenoverse graphics. It looks all bulky unlike Raging Blast graphics which looks soo much more animated.

3) Flaws:

It could be so much better. Allow me to explain. The transformations are trash. Only time your hair change is when you go SSJ3. The fighting styles are basic on the your CAC. If 2 male saiyans fight it’s going to be the exact same fighting style no matter what form they in. If we shoot energy beams at each other, they’ll go right thru one another, no kind of struggle. Then there’s no type of destruction from the aftermath. Clashes are weak. A 3 second scuffle then a backflip. Instead of statistically building your character it comes from a QQBang or clothes. You only get 1 variation of Broly when we all know he has 2 forms before his legendary transformation. Frieza missing forms as well. There’s no battle damage or collisions. You have to unlock the ki charge skill & waste a skill slot to equip it when it should be a given. If I want to go SSJ2 but I have 5 bars of ki, I gotta waste a bar to transform into SSJ2.


Overall: AWESOME; the fact that you can pick any transformation you want to transform into any level of super saiyan you want without relying on a certain amount of ki is splendid. The free world roaming like Budokai III, the game pace & destruction! Magnificent! & not to mention you guys brought the beam struggle back which is a big plus & its better than ever! That game has no complaints from me.


Basically to make things simple, I believe I speak for a lot of fans when I say all we want is the incorperation of Budokai Tenkaichi & Raging Blast, as well as the old & new rosters, with the create a character features of Ultimate Tenkaichi. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball Super, Dragonball GT…we need all that. Give us the free roam feature of Kakarot, Budokai 3 & Ultimate Tenkaichi. I wana be able to equip a fighting style I worked hard to obtain! You can even try to incorporate some of the fan made manga characters as a bonus or something. Make all movies DLC packs. Give us Bardock’s transformations from Xenoverse & if you feeling generous throw my boy Turles a super saiyan transformation or anything. Give us the Oozaru transformation, SSJ4 transformations, beam struggles, fist clashes, destruction, varieties of fighting styles, better features when creating a character, custom auras, ability to use a scouter, animations, rosters, all forms of every character…different charge stances, fighting styles, auras, & super attack move sets with each transformation. We even miss the tournaments..bring the originals back! It’s been done before, I know it can be done again. I mean a Budokai Tenkaichi Remastered sounds perfect to me do you guys agree?

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