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Distribution of Gundam Games in the West

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As a fan of Gundam going on nearly 17 years now, I find it frustrating and exasperating that in this modern era where distribution of entertainment is supposed to be far more inclusive and far reaching, Bandai Namco has stopped distributing their Gundam games outside of Asia.

The excuse has been that there's no market for it in the West, inspite the fact that Gundam is one of the most popular animes outside of Japan and the Gunpla hobby likewise is extremely popular all over the world, not just in Asian territories as Bandai seems to imply with their reasoning, which they know given that there are national legs for the Gunpla Builder World Cup held in just in many countries outside of Asia. 

They also argue that anime isn't as popular in the West, yet they continue to release Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Naruto and One Piece games to great success. Yet, Gundam Breaker 3 a game that many Westerners want, isn't being released outside of Asia.

The most insulting part is that "english" versions of this game do exist for the PS4 and the PSVita, as far as the menus being translated into english and english subtitles being provided go. And yet the only way to get these is to import them from Play-Asia located in Singapore. 

Now, while this a completely acceptable way to acquire the products, we shouldn't have to and the reason I have created this petition is to show the people at Bandai Namco that as a community, we want to see these games released outside of Asia, not just for us, but also so we can share our love of the franchise with others and introduce new blood to such an incredible series of anime, manga and games.

Our needs are simple. While it would be ideal if Bandai Namco was to release physical copies of the game outside of Asia, it is also unreasonable to expect them to dump a ton of many into manufacturing costs to release a game in the west thats already been out for a while now, BUT it would be more than enough if the game were simply made available on the PSN in all regions. Given that they are releasing Gundam VS in the West soon, now is the perfect time for them to bring Gundam Breaker 3 to the PSN in all regions and entice players with additional games to purchase and boost their sales.

That is the ultimate goal of this petition and frankly is a lot easier for Bandai Namco to do and will show them how popular the games can be if given a chance.

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