Implement Rollback/GGPO Netcode into DBFZ Netplay

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Fighting games - old and new - have been able to successfully implement rollback/GGPO netcode into their games that allow the player-base to experience an environment where they can play with their friends across the globe and enjoy it.

ArcSystem works titles have a trend of not keeping up with these feats. DBFZ (2018) is one of the best selling fighting games of all time - and yet it's biggest flaw is that it is borderline unplayable - even between players living within 30 minutes from one another.

Games like Skullgirls (2012), Killer Instinct (2013), MKX (2015), Them's Fighting Herds (2018) and Mk11 (2019), are all playable with near offline conditions from Europe to America, and yet DBFZ falls very, very short behind these games when it comes to the quality of the netplay experience.

DBFZ needs GGPO now more than ever - with COVID-19 shutting down mass gatherings and tournaments for who knows how long - online is all we have - and right now, it isn't good enough.

Please improve DBFZ's netcode and netplaying experience. I and many other have already looked and are looking to other games just so we can enjoy playing A GAME online with people.

We want to play your game - but you won't let us.