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Show respect towards Nintendo gamers

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"The Wii U isn't powerful enough to handle this game", "It still doesn't have an installed base", "Our previous title didn't sell on Wii U so we're not developing for it anymore" - those are but a few of the excuses commonly used by third parties when explaining the lack of support they give to Nintendo's home console. And yes, those are merely excuses, not valid reasons, as the console has proven to be powerful enough to run said engines, has been selling steadily well as of late and games that are properly made for the console have proven to not only sell fairly well, but also help drive sales forward! That said, it's no secret to anyone that third party games don't sell very well on Nintendo consoles. But whose fault is that?

One example I like to give when talking about this matter is Bandai Namco Games' Tales of series: a new title is launched exclusively for a Nintendo console; if it doesn't do well, the game is rarely going to be ported to other platforms, but if it does sell fairly well, it is ported to another console a year or so after its launch on Nintendo consoles. Until there no worries, right? Except that the version the rival companies receive is an enhanced version, with more enemies, more Artes, Titles, extra features, exclusive DLC, better online support, bugs fixed, new costumes and more. Why would I buy Nintendo's version if I know I'll have an even better version of that same title on another console if I wait a little longer?

Another example I could give is regarding Ubisoft's franchises: Rayman Legends, a Wii U exclusive title, 4 days prior to its launch date, had been delayed 7 months in order for the PS3 and Xbox 360 to receive it as well, whereas Assassin's Creed III couldn't be delayed one week to coincide with the Wii U's launch. Oh, and the reason Rayman Legends got delayed was because ZombiU, a dark and obscure game, a survival horror title (the complete opposite of a colorful and happy platformer game), didn't sell well, and for that reason Ubisoft feared their platformer wouldn't sell as well! We also have the case with Watch_Dogs, which has been released for PS4 and Xbox One, but the Wii U version has been delayed. Assassin's Creed IV is another example, as DLCs are mostly available for rival consoles, and not for Wii U.

There are even more cases, regarding DLC missing from the Wii U version (not exclusive DLC, as all the other platforms receive the very same downloadable content), Extra Features not present solely on the Wii U version, lack of online support, lack of multiplayer modes (whereas it is present in other platforms), "special" ports launched for Wii U while rival consoles receive a Trilogy Version, and despite all those lacking features and support, the games are sold at full price of a AAA game!

We have been TAUGHT by those very same Third Parties to not buy their games on Nintendo consoles!


We are not asking you to stop supporting other companies. We are not asking you to turn your eyes only on Nintendo platforms, nor to never bring exclusive titles to rival consoles. All we're asking for is respect! If you turn your eyes to a Nintendo console, then do your job correctly, and treat it as you would treat Sony and Microsoft consoles, with proper support and all the content found in other versions! This petition seems to be the only way to communicate with you, so through this we ask:

"Dear Third Party companies, as consumers who decided to acquire Nintendo products, we demand to be treated with the same respect you show to consumers from other brands. We have suffered from lack of Third Party support ever since the N64 era - although it was more due to Nintendo's policies fault, time have changed, and even though they are doing what they can to get your support, and gamers are eagerly waiting for that, you still decide to punish us with your jokes that you call 'support'. 

We have been without your support on the N64, arguably on the GCN, certainly on Wii and DEFINITELY on Wii U as of now. And the ones who lose with that are not only gamers and Nintendo, but YOU as well! There are many gamers out there who cannot afford two consoles per generation, or by whatever reason decide to choose only one, and that may very well be a profitable market that you just ignore! We will buy your games, as long as you do a proper job of delivering them to us!

As consumers, we demand respect! The very same respect you show to consumers from other brands! As long as you respect us, we will respect you, and we will consume your


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